Assembly of Making A KillingAssembly of Making A KillingInside of Making A Killing

Curated by Charissa N. Terranova, PhD

Presented at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary - Dallas, Texas
May 21 - June 11, 2011

Reflecting on the changes of Mexico’s socio-environment and country’s struggle to deal with them, Hugo Garcia Urrutia is exposing and presenting a reality that is far from reaching a solution. His latest site-specific installation, titled Making A Killing, attempts to engage the viewer in an overt way, making reference to the amount of people that have literally have been persuaded or coursed into a deadly business – drugs, kidnaps, extortions, theft, and killing.

Garcia Urrutia, intends to engage the viewer with the dilemma of seeing the installation as an abstract sculptural object with a unique texture, size and position and transformed from tragedy into beauty. The texture of this bullet perforated surface should remind the viewer of how close we are from the epicenter of violence and even if we walk outside this cube, which incases the “violence”, the walls that are incasing these bullets are too thin and at some point will let the bullets fly out.

The juxtaposition of an 8x8 feet cube will create narrow alleys in the gallery space in which the viewer will have the option of walking through, experiencing close proximity to the bullet holes.

Violence in Mexico has always been present, specially in drug related events, and after president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, declared war against organized crime, the country has faced an measurable wave of violence. The money made from these organizations is so much, that it has corrupted, governments, authority, military and the consequences of killing have become a lucrative business on its own. They are very affordable and the stakes are too high to change and bring things back to normal.

Garcia Urrutia’s inspiration and willing to cope with his experience and family tragedy. On July 28, 2010, Hugo’s Oldest brother Fernando, father of three, was shot and killed by an unknown subject in broad day light in Ciudad Juarez, on the Mexican border to El Paso, Texas.